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Master Hands @ JBS Studio


It's time to invest in your future! 

Transform your dreams now!


Training @ JBS Studio

Discover the art of non-invasive fat elimination, skin tightening, and muscle toning through advanced body contouring methods. Jade's Body Sculpting Studio's hands-on training will equip you with skills to properly operate a variety of body sculpting machines and employ diverse techniques. Get your body sculpting certification and excel in the highly sought-after field of non-invasive result-driven aesthetics.  

The Training

  • Certificate and Training in Lipo Cavitation, Laser Lipo, Skin Tightening, Buttock Enhancement, Wood Therapy, Lymphatic Massage, Theory, Contraindications

  • ​Single Cavitation Machine

  • Training Manual

  • Intake Forms

  • Vendor List

  • 90 Day Mentorship

The Refresher

  • Certificate and Training for Certified Body Contouring Specialists who need a refresher in Technique, Theory and Contraindications

  • 30 Day Mentorship

  • Training Manual Discount @ $50.00. (Must be purchased one week before class, and will be distributed the day of class. Not included in class price)

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